Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 2: L'Acadie in St Jean, the Church of St. Marguerite de Blairfindie

Luckily when we stopped in L'Acadie on the route to St Jean sur Richelieu the church and a small museum in the sacristy was open.  L'Acadie in St Jean was founded by the Jesuits as a settlement for exiles from L'Acadie in present day Nova Scotia after they were expulsed by the British during the Seven Years War (French and Indian War).  Here is a link to a short history of the Acadian Deportation and further links. Acadian Ancestral Home is a great source of in depth information about this historical event and the impact on the people.

The church facade

 Remembrance Cross of the Acadian Deportation

The Roof Lines

 The presbytery

The museum

 The sexton in Breton style

Below is a recap of the stories written about Acadians in this blog so far.  This list includes some early posts that may not have been well researched but I am reviewing them for accuracy and hope they will "make the cut"!

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