Mylott - Millot

This family descends from Robert Milot-Mylott who emigrated to Whitehall in the 1840s from Québec.  He and his descendants, the Mylott Family of Whitehall, Fort Edward, Hudson Falls and Waterford, New York are descended from Nicolas Damien Millot dit Champagne, 1737-1812, a soldier who fought in the French and Indian War and married Marie Josephe Guyon on April 8th, 1766 in Vercheres, Québec.

The extended family includes Mylott, Millot, Robert, Boisvert, Guyon and Guertin. Researching the maternal lines this family, many Yankee families appear with old New England names like Kingsley, Johnson, Cole, Palmer.  The line of a Loyalist, Charles Griffin and his son in law, Abner Wolcott, is also embedded in the Mylott-Millot family.

NOTE: If you are a Mylott descended from the marriage of Milo Benjamin Mylott and Edith Glode, you should also check out the stories under Glode-Poissant-Allard tab.

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