Glode - Poissant - Allard

This family descends from Edith Lida Glode and her parents, Alexander Glode and Marie Angelique Allard.  This was a "canal family" who came gradually from Québec to Waterford, NY via the Champlain Canal and Lake Champlain in the 19th century.  For many generations,  they lived and "canaled" from Champlain NY on the Chazy River to New York City.  The original ancestor was a French Huguenot, Jacques Poissant dit LaSaline from LaRochelle.   Over many generations the family name evolved from Poissant dit LaSaline, to Poissant dit Claude, to Glaude and/or Glode. Today, descendants of Jacques Poissant dit LaSaline use various names: Glode, Glaude, Poissant, Fischer, Fisher and more.  A distant cousin, John Fisher, maintains an extensive web site about our common ancestor Jacques Poissant dit LaSaline which can be read here.

Edith Lida Glode 1889 - 1965

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John Fisher of Vermont maintains an extensive website with amazing details and documents relating to Jacques Poissant dit LaSaline at Poissant Fisher Family History