Bissonnette - Kaigle

This family descends from Joseph Bissonnette and his parents, Moises Bissonnette and Julia Kaigle who came from the Richelieu Valley in Québec to Cohoes, NY, probably by 1850.  Today, some of their descendants have changed the name to Bissonnett, Bisnett and Bisnette.

Joseph Bissonnette, 1849-1899, probably born in Cohoes, NY and died in Cohoes, NY

Joseph was a direct descendant of Jacques Bissonnette and Marie Collet who were married on 19 November 1670 in Boucherville, Québec.  The line is:

Joseph Bissonnette, 1849-1899 son of
Moises Bissonnette, 1827-1883, son of
Jean Baptiste Bissonnette, son of
Jean Baptiste Bissonnette 1752-     , son of
Jean Baptiste Bissonnette, 1721-     , son of
Alexis Bissonnette, 1683-    , son of
Jacques Bissonnette 1645-1723

Going wayback in the Bissonnett line, other family names include  Lareau, Sylvestre, Hamel, Houde, Bergeron, Meunier, Longquetin dit Jerome, Paquet dit Lariviere, Maquet dit LaJoie, Robert, Arteau dit St Pierre, Normand, Petit, Senecal, Mailloux, Manseau, Lemay, Boucher, Dubois, Lambert and Millot dit Laval.

Also in this family are Goekel, a German line sometimes spelled Kaigle or Kagle who descended from Antoine Goekel, a Hessian soldier who married into a French Québec family. This family was Joseph's maternal line.

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