Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jean Baptiste "Illinois" Jacquet : Saxophone with a Big Band

This post isn't about Cohoes,Whitehall or anywhere in upstate New York AND it isn't about French Canadian families but it is interesting to me because I didn't know a thing about this person.  I had never heard of him until four days ago when I drove through Woodlawn Cemetery in Bronx, NY and saw his stopped me in "my tracks".  It is a beautiful memorial and naturally with a name like Jean Baptiste Jacquet, I had to find out more about him, his music and his French connection.

So I watched and listened some videos on the internet..........So I am glad I discovered Jean Baptiste and his music, although a little regretful it was a post mortem discovery. Rest in peace JB Jacquet.

Very nearby Jean Baptiste's gravesite in Woodlawn is the grave of Sir Miles Davis, also with a pretty impressive piece of stonework: