Thursday, February 9, 2012

Home Movie Circa 1951...who is ???

After I posted the home movie clip, comments suggested the gentleman seen below is not Walker Yetto Sr.  Perhaps someone can help identify this gentleman.... If he is not a Yetto, he may be a brother of Malvina Hamel or Emile Rivet.  Please send your thoughts to FrancoAmerican Gravy if you think you know who he is! Thank you.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Home Movie circa 1951

Below is a home movie from Christmas 1951 with a few folks some Yetto, Rivet, Mylott family readers may recognize.  If you still cannot identify the adults after you watch the clip, you can get a little help figuring out the names of a few of the folks by scrolling down to the stills.

Here's the help identifying adults in the clip.................

Below is Marie Claire Rivet and her husband, Walker Yetto (Guertin)...

Next is Paul Emile Rivet

Below is Emile's son, Al Rivet

and next is Art Mylott

then Malvina Hamel, stepmother of Claire, Al and Ray Rivet and third wife of Emile Rivet

Dorothy Wills, wife of Arthur Mylott

I believe this gentleman may be Walker Yetto Sr

and finally Bill Bossidy and Lucy Messier