Beauvais - Guay

This family descends from Marie Celina Beauvais and her parents, Solyme Beauvais and Adele Guay dit Castonquay who brought their family from Québec to Cohoes, NY by 1870.  Today, some of their descendants have changed the name to Bova and Bovar.

Celéna Beauvais, 1850-1942, born in St Cesáire, Québec and died in Cohoes, NY

Solyme Beauvais, 1821-1902
born in Chambly, Québec and died in Cohoes, NY

Solyme Beauvais was a direct descendant of Joseph Xavier Beauvais dit St Joseph, a soldier, who came from French to Québec, to fight in the Seven Years War.  The line is:

  • Celena Beauvais, born 1850, daughter of 
  • Solyme Beauvais, born 1821, son of 
  • Jean Baptiste Beauvais, born 1796, son of
  • Francois Xavier Beauvais, born 1759, son of 
  • Joseph Xavier Beauvais dit St Joseph, born in 1730 in Champagnole, France

Going wayback in the Beauvais line,  other families include Achon, Adam, Allaire, Benoit, Bilodeau, Bonin, Bouchard, Circé St Michel, Delmas, Deshayes, Duchesne, Emery dit Codere, Favreau, Fortin, Gagnon, Langlois, Laporte dit St George, Loiselle, Martin, Masson, Menard, Payant dit St.Onge, Poirier, Provost, Racine, Roussin, Simard, Tremblay, and more.

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