Saturday, May 22, 2010

Corkeys Restaurant and Bar, 16-18 Clifton Street, Cohoes, NY

Corkeys Restaurant burned down before I ever got to know it. According to older members of my family, Corkeys had mythical proportions and was a great place to go!  Napoleon Bova,  whose name is mentioned throughout the menu was Napoleon Beauvais.  He Anglicized his name for ease. He was the brother of my great grandmother, Celena Beauvais who was born in St. Cesaire and died in Cohoes, New York. The address on the menu states 16-18 Clifton St., Cohoes 
but Clifton Street was/is really  in Northside, Waterford,  New York.

Below is the approximate location where Corkeys operated 
and the relationship to Northside and Cohoes

The menu Cover...

The back page of Corkeys menu

An Historic Bar
"This famous bar was founded in 1882 by Napoleon Bova, father of the present owner and operator, Henry.  During the two generations that Corkey's has operated, it has lent itself to creating a good bit of history. Bobby Leach started from this old bar when he made his famous trip over the Cohoes Falls.  Buffalo Bill was a close friend of Napoleon Bova as was Buffalo Bill's nephew, Paul and were always present on their visits East. The names of great men that were regular customers are legion.  The stories that are told about these people read like history. In those days, Bova's was famous for food, beverages, and service - and is today as is evidenced by the ever growing clientele from all over the Capital District."

On the Old Champlain Canal
"This famous bar is situated only about two hundred yards from the old Champlain Canal and on the side of the old Mohawk Trail.  It was the crossroads of east and west travel at the turn of the century.  In the Old Days the Bova Tavern was a regular over-night layover for travelers for, as you know, travel was leisurely.  And the very atmosphere was cosmopolitan.... Big, brawny, canal boatmen rubbing shoulders with ladies and gentlemen from the highest strata of society and nobility from Europe.  Such was Bova's.  Today you will find it modern to the nth degree....But the traditional welcome, quality of foods and beverages and service are in keeping with the tradition that has made it famous for over 65 years."