Monday, December 20, 2010

A First Nation Mother: Marie Miteouamegoukoue

Marie Miteouamegoukoue, an Algonquin woman, is a mother in the Mylott (Millot)-Glode family. Here is a brief lineage starting with my father, Arthur Homer Mylott:

  • Arthur Homer Mylott, 1918- 2006, son of 
  • Edith Lida Glode or Glaude, 1889-1965, daughter of
  • William Alexander Glode or Glaude, 1859-1933, son of
  • Luc Poissant dit Glaude, 1837- 1922, son of
  • Jacques Jacob Poissant dit Glaude, 1812-1867, son of
  • Marie Marguerite Lapoterie, 1786-1854, daughter of
  • Marie Elizabeth Boileau, 1748 - ?, daughter of
  • René Boileau, 1707-1772, son of
  • Marie Marguerite Ménard, 1683-1763, daughter of
  • Marie Madeleine Couc LaFleur 1669- 1763, daughter of
  • Marie Miteouamegoukoue, 1631- 1699, and Pierre Couc LaFleur
Some things are known about Marie.  She was born about 1631-1632 into an Algonquin band of First Nations people. She was baptized in Montréal on  November 6th, 1650, when she was 18 or 19 years old.  Her first marriage was to Assababich, an First Nations person; they had two children.  Assababich was killed in the wars with Iroqouis.  Widowed, Marie married Pierre Couc dit LaFleur on April 16th, 1657.   This information and much more is on Nomand Léveillée's Site.

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    1. Very nice blog, Marie Miteouamegoukoue was my 8th great grandmother. That's through the Menard - Patenaude line to the Normandin line. My 7th great grandfather was Mathurin Normandin b 1637 and d 1684 in Montreal, he married Marie Jean Dodier, a was a filler du roi or King's Daughters. I grew up in Waterford, NY.