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"Til death due us part..."

Alexis Rivet (born 1815) and Thérèse Désilets (born 1815) were married in the church of St Paul in Joliette, Québec on October 19th, 1835.  Alexis and Therese were the grandparents of Paul Emile Rivet. They were close in age and close in their deaths- they died within five days of one another, apparently, of natural causes.

Their line goes like this:
Claire, Albert and Raymond were the children of
Paul Emile Rivet, who was the son of 
Maxime Rivet, who was the son of 
Alexis Rivet and Thérèse Désilets

Church record of the marriage

1852 Census Canada: lines 19 through 28. Click on image to enlarge.

And then DEATH NOTICES, the first in the weekly Gazette de Joliette of October 31, 1890 states the spouse of Mr. Alexis Rivet farmer of St Jacques de L'Achigan, born Therese Desilets,  died on Wednesday at the age of 64 years and was buried from the church mentioned.

The second notice is in the Gazette de Joliette the following week and announces the death of Alexis Rivet five days after his wife. 

L'Etoile du Nord, roughly translated, states Alexis & Thérèse died  five days of one another, at Les Dalles an area of St-Jacques close the Ouareau River. One was 75 years old and the other, 75 1/2.  They were married fifty five years.

Our Rivest cousin, Constant,  kindly shared a map of St Jacques circa 1890 with the area of Les Dalles pointed out to the northeast of St Jacques. Merci cousin Constant!

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