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Maurice Rivé

Maurice Rivé was born in LaRochelle, France and made his way to Québec, approximately in 1664.  He petitioned for land in Cap Rouge.  His petition was granted and on the 29th of June 1664, Maurice entered into a contract, the translation is below.....thanks to Fr. John for the translation. 

Maurice Rivé on Route St-Ignace
29 June 1664

I, Jerome Lalemant, Superior of the Mission of the Society of Jesus in New
France, appointed by His Majesty as Missionary to the Company of New France,
offering consultative and administrative assistance to them in their dealing
with the native people.
We have received from Maurice Rivé a petition for the grant of a portion of
land within the Seigneury of the Natives, which we have given and conceded,
and hereby give and concede to him by these presents, to enjoy and to
dispose of as he sees fit.
The concession consists of two arpents in depth extending from the main road
between Quebec and Cap-Rouge to the Saint-Michel road which runs parallel to
it.   [further details of the land grant omitted]
The concession is granted according to the following conditions:  The
aforementioned Maurice Rivé promises and obliges himself to annual payment
on the Feast of All Saints  that is, the first of November  to our House
and Residence at Sillery the sum of twenty sols per two arpents in depth,
that is, a total of forty sols, also, a tenancy agreement payable to us, and
annual rental fee of two young roosters or the value thereof.  The payment
of these obligations is to begin on All Saints Day sixteen hundred sixty
four.  The holder of this concession is to erect a house where either he or
others will be resident by March first sixteen sixty five, or else he will
forfeit the present land grant.

[further details on page two omitted]

Done on this twenty ninth day of June, sixteen hundred sixty-four
/s/  H. Lalamant
/s/ Maurise Rivé
/s/ Nicolas Gaudry (secret.)

The signature of Maurice Rivé in the contract

The documents can be viewed in larger scripts at Image of Contract of Maurice Rivé

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