Friday, December 3, 2010

Once upon a time in Green Island, NY circa 1958

Once upon a time in Green Island, NY there was a gathering of friends from Cohoes and Waterford who took time to take two pictures- one of the ladies and one of the gentlemen.  The ladies gathered in th parlor and the men in the kitchen...

Back row: ?, Mary Fargoli, Eva Mae Mylott née Paquette, Doris Wills née Laurent, Margaret ?, Claire Yetto née Rivet and Dorothy Mylott née Wills,
Front Row: MB Mylott, Carolyn Mylott, Edith Lida Mylott née Glaude, Dorothy Mylott née Marois.

Back row: Bob Wills, Edgar Mylott, Walker Yetto (Guertin), ?. Walter ?, Paul Emile Rivet
Front Row seated Milo Mylott, Arthur Mylott, Al Rivet

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