Friday, January 14, 2011

A First Nation Mother, Marie Aubois

Marie Christine Aubois, born about 1665,  married Jean Roy dit Laliberté in Port Royal (present day Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia) about 1686.  She through her maternal line was native American,  probably Mi'kmaq and he was a Frenchman from St. Malo.  Marie Christine and Jean Roy's daughter, Madeleine Roy, married Louis Fontaine and is a mother-ancestor in the Rivet - Lord family.  Madeleine Roy and Louis Fontaine were expelled from Port Royal in the Grand Deportation.

Here are beginning resources about the Mi'kmaq peoples: Mi'kmaq at Cape Breton University  and Mikmaq at Newfoundland

Mi'kmaq Encampment

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  1. Hi, I am delighted that I found your blog. I borrowed the picture of the Mi'kmaq encampment painting you have here and put a link to your blog on mine. Thanks, it's great to find your genealogical resources and also writings that put the info in an interesting context. Here's the link to where I posted the image from your page - and I will also put your link on my Nfld Mi'kmaq Family History and Genealogy page. Hope that's ok.

  2. My Name is Heather Shaw and Im doing my family Tree and Aubois, Marie (1665-1760) come up as my
    7th great-grandmother of wife of 1st cousin 1x removed of husband of great-granddaughter