Saturday, April 23, 2011

Serving in World War II: Edgar Jesse Mylott

My father was the youngest of seven children.  Four never lived to adulthood. Living on the Champlain Canal in a canal boat or near the canal easily compromised the safety of families and children before there was something called "Personal Flotation Devices".  The story passed down to me was that one of those four children drowned but I am not certain which one it was - John, George, Louise or Frank.  I know Milo, Edgar and Arthur made it to legal adulthood and then came World War II.  Somehow, they all survived the war in the United States Army.  The story of Uncle Edgar and his  Silver Star is here, and some more pictures below:


Posing for a Picture: Edgar is on the let

Edgar with his bride, Dorothy Marois
Soon after the end of WWII and discharge from the US Army

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