Tuesday, April 12, 2011

150th Anniversary of the opening shots of the American War of the Rebellion, the Civil War, the Brother's War, the Cousin's War

I only have one relative who fought in this war, William Henry Wills.  It really wasn't his war at all because he was most likely recruited only a few months after he entered the United States from his homeland in Cornwall, England.  Unlike many who were on American soil for generations, he had no vested interest other than finding some way to provide for himself when he got here.  He worked as a miner in Cornwall starting as an older child.  Information gathered so far, seems to indicate he was recruited in a regiment that formed in upstate New York around Potsdam.  He was 48 years old when he died. He outlived his first wife; his second wife, Carrie, is buried next to him in Port Henry, Essex County, New York.  I hope to gather more information about him at the Saratoga Military Museum in Saratoga Springs soon.    Unfortunately, there are signs in our times that Americans are still fighting the issues of states rights versus federalism.  Read here a CNN commentary that makes one consider and reconsider what is happening in Washington, DC right now.

But really, today let's silence all the rhetoric and bickering and just remember.  Today I just want to remember William Henry Wills and all the people who sacrificed so much in that bloody conflict.

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