Friday, April 1, 2011

Marie Ann LaCassé, sister of Marie Louise and aunt of Claire, Al and Ray Rivet

Over one year ago, when I began this family history blog, I posted the image of four your women from Cohoes-Northside with a short explanation.  The names of two of the young women, Marie Louise Lacasse (1880-1923) and Marie Ann Lacasse (1878-1951) are written in Al Rivet's handwriting. Who the other two women are isn't known.  Here is the picture again....

Marie Louise Lacasse, standing on the right side, was the biological mother of Claire, Al and Ray Rivet. She died one and a half year after Ray was born.  Seated on the left is Marie Ann Lacasse who never married. As I commented, it appears Marie Ann looked after her mother, Marie Louise Mireault after her father, Dedace Lacasse died.   In the 1930 census, Marie Louise Mireault is 81 years old and residing in Northside.  Her daughter, Marie Ann Lacasse is 52 years old and resides with her.

As I write this I do not have a death certificate for Marie Louise Mireault.  I thought I had no further information about Marie Ann Lacasse, the spinster aunt of Claire, Al and Ray.  That was true until Ray Rivet's son sent me the memorial card for Marie Ann Lacasse.  I was somewhat surprised to see that she died back in Québec! Here's the card....

Most interesting was to see her face age but not otherwise change through the years.  Yet a question remained...why did Marie Ann return to Québec after the death of her mother?  and why Rimouski, Québec on the south side of the St. Lawrence where it begins to open up to the Gulf of St.Lawrence?  Well, it appears there was a brother, Edmond Lacasse, who lived and married in Cohoes but returned to Québec after the death of his first wife, Josephine Nolin.  Marie Ann Lacasse went to live out her years with Edmond and his family there.


  1. amazing I love to read your posts. I have learned so much about my family through you and for that I thank you. Kat

  2. Hello, I can give you information on this topic. I am a Lacasse from Rimouski, Québec and I am one of Edmond Lacasse' grandaughter. Edmond lived in Rimouski and was married to Josephine Nolin (1st wife) who died on March 31st 1924 (37 yo) and to Alma Chouinard (2nd wife)who died on Feb. 3rd 1939 (50 yo).
    Edmond's childrens are : Raoul, Albert, Imelda, Herman, Gérard, Lucien and Lucienne. They are all deceased. Edmond had no children with his second wife.
    Edmond died on March 7th 1965 (age 81) in Rimouski.
    He was the owner of a bakery store in Rimouski.

    Claudette, daughter of Gérard Lacasse. Rimouski, Qc.

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  3. Please contact me - I would love to share more information about your great gandparents, Dedace Lecasse and Marie Louise Mireault

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