Monday, April 11, 2011

Then and Now Along the Towpath

The photo below is of the last house  Elizabeth "Libbie" Bissonnette Wills lived at the southern end of Central Avenue in Cohoes, NY. On February 1st, 1936 she died in this house that still stands, albeit with changes, along the west side of the old Erie & Champlain Canal Towpath.  The two canals merged at a place in Cohoes called "Juncta" and continued southward through Maplewood, West Troy or Watervelit, Menands into Albany.....

This is the present day house with new siding, new windows and fewer trees in front.....

The backyard goes down to the old towpath which is now a bicycle trail and walking path that stirs the imagination to recall that this was once a very busy thoroughfare where the ancestors of many in America past through on their way to the western frontier the Great Lakes, Chicago, or points north through Lake Champlain.


  1. This post has beautiful photography! I met you at the NERGC Friday luncheon, and I remember you said we had "the best table!" Lucie Consentino is promoting your blog on Facebook, but I had the little slip of paper you passed round with the URL. It was nice to meet you at NERGC.

  2. The "old" house is so beautiful - it's sad to see the modern changes that were made. The setting is beautiful. I love the old canals and locks. There's just something about them....