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Acadians in the Rivet Family who Endured the Expulsion

As of this date in my research, I have identified twenty seven individuals  - ancestors -  of the Rivet family who endured the expulsion.  The first individual identified in the list, Prudent Robichaud was elderly at the time and did not survive the ordeal. Interestingly and sadly, Prudent Robichaud may have died despondent and dispirited.  He was a key community leader who spoke both French and English and found a role keeping peace between the English rule and the French agricultural community. The University of Moncton's website on the history of Acadia, offers a brief biography of this man....
Prudent Robichaud (c. 1669-c. 1756)
"Prudent Robichaud, probably born in Port-Royal, was chosen in 1710 as the spokesman for the community, which was then under British rule. After 1720, he was an Acadian delegate who negotiated with the British administration. During that time, he was also one of the main suppliers for the British garrison of Port-Royal (then called Annapolis Royal), providing wood and food to the troops. In 1727, he was appointed justice of the peace for Annapolis Royal by British Lieutenant Governor Lawrence Armstrong and in 1733, Lawrence called upon him to collect the moneys that were to be paid to the British Crown. For over thirty years Robichaud worked with the British administration, but that would not save him from the Deportation. Despite his advanced age, he was embarked on the Pembroke with many other Acadians in 1755. "

Therefore, Prudent Robichaud was on board the same ship with the ancestors of Arthur Mylott, the Guilbault Family, as noted in an earlier entry on this blog.  The history of The Pembroke on Acadian Ancestral Home states Prudent probably died in the summer of 1756 along the St. John's River in present day New Brunswick, Canada.  

The twenty seven individuals were:
Prudent Robichaud   c1669 - c1756
Prudent Robichaud, son, abt 1696-
Dominique Robichaud   1723 - 1791
Anne Robichaud   1730 - 1813
Marie Josephe Melancon    1713 - 1793
Marie Josèphe Lord     1718 - 1787
Louis Lord    1722 - 1781
Marie Leblanc   1706 - 1781
Joseph Leblanc   1741 - 1812
Francois Leblanc    1712 - 1790
Francois Leblanc     1688 - 1761
Pierre "Laguerre" Lanoue    1738 - 1820
Jean Baptiste Landry 1716 - 1770
Jean Baptiste Jeanson/Janson/Johnson    1715 - 1785
Marguerite Forest-Troye    1725 - 1795
Louis Fontaine 1707-1787
Luce-Josephe Fontaine    1734 - 1791
Pierre Dupuis    1714 - 1790
Marie Madeleine Dugas    1732 - 1790
Isabelle Dugas    1721 - 1807
Claude Dugas    1710 - 1792
Marie Marguerite Daigle    1724 - 1826
Germain Bourgeois    1749 - 1820
Claude Bourgeois    1695 - 1760
Anastasie Bourgeois    1730 - 1793
Marguerite Boudrot    1698 - 1767
Pierre Amirault    1722 - 1796

With the exception of the individuals on The Pembroke, the Acadian ancestors of the Rivets  were transported to the Connecticut and Massachusetts colonies.  Some had children born in Connecticut and Massachusetts.  They gradually made their way to Québec and settled in communities there. 

Here's the line up of stories about the Acadians in our families on this blog

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