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Acadians in the Rivet Family who lived, died and were born during the "Grand Derangement"

There isn't an exact number of Acadian people who were expelled by the British and the New England regiments between 1755 and 1764.  Estimates range from 7,000 to 10,000 people.

I have tried to compile a list of those ancestors of the "Rivet Family of Cohoes" who endured the Grand Deportation of Acadians from present day Nova Scotia.  With the exception of those Rivet ancestors who were on board the ship named The Pembroke, all these Rivet ancestors were exiled to New England - Connecticut and Massachusetts.  The story of the Acadians and their dispersal across areas of the Atlantic is briefly told here.

One of the souls who did not survive the ordeal was the elderly Prudent Robichaud who was put upon The Pembroke. Interestingly and sadly, Prudent Robichaud may have died despondent and dispirited.  He was a key community leader who spoke both French and English and found a role keeping peace between the English rule and the French agricultural community.  A now broken link from the University of Moncton Acadian History site offered a brief biography of this man....

Prudent Robichaud (c. 1669-c. 1756)
"Prudent Robichaud, probably born in Port-Royal, was chosen in 1710 as the spokesman for the community, which was then under British rule. After 1720, he was an Acadian delegate who negotiated with the British administration. During that time, he was also one of the main suppliers for the British garrison of Port-Royal (then called Annapolis Royal), providing wood and food to the troops. In 1727, he was appointed justice of the peace for Annapolis Royal by British Lieutenant Governor Lawrence Armstrong and in 1733, Lawrence called upon him to collect the moneys that were to be paid to the British Crown. For over thirty years Robichaud worked with the British administration, but that would not save him from the Deportation. Despite his advanced age, he was embarked on the Pembroke with many other Acadians in 1755. "

Prudent Robichaud was on board the same ship with the ancestors of Arthur Mylott, the Guilbault Family, as noted in an earlier entry on this blog.  The history of The Pembroke on Acadian Ancestral Home states Prudent probably died in the summer of 1756 along the St. John's River in present day New Brunswick, Canada.  

These ancestors endured the deportation and were exiled:

  • Joseph Amireault 1689-1774 and Marguerite Lord 1698-1788 to Connecticut Colony.
  • Pierre Amireault 1722-1796 and Anne Robichaud 1739-1813 to Connecticut Colony.
  • Charles Belliveau, 1697-1758, widower, navigator. Escaped on The Pembroke, died of smallpox in Quebec.
  • Charles Belliveau 1731-1796 and Osithe Dugas 1734-1820 exiled to Massachusetts.
  • Claude Bourgeois 1695-1760 and Marie LeBlanc 1706-1781 exiled to Massachusetts.
  • Germain Bourgeois 1749-1820, child of Claude and Marie LeBlanc listed above, exiled to Massachusetts.
  • Marie Madeleine Bourgeois 1704-1770, widow of Pierre Robichaud exiled to Massachusetts.
  • Claude Dugas 1710-1792 and Marie Josephe Melancon 1713-1793 exiled to Massachusetts.
  • Pierre Dupuis 1714-1790 and Anastasie Bourgeois 1730-1793 exiled to Massachusetts.
  • Louis Fontaine 1707-1787 and Marie Madeleine Roy 1701-1758 exiled to Connecticut.
  • Jean Baptiste Jeanson 1715-1785 and Marie Josephte/Marie Jeanne Lord 1718-1796 exiled to Connecticut.
  • Jean Baptiste Landry 1716-1770 and Marie Marguerite Daigle 1724-1799 exiled to Massachusetts.
  • Pierre Lanoue 1738-1820, widower of Anne Belliveau, exiled to Connecticut.
  • Pierre Lanoue 1738-1820 and Marie Josephe Dugas 1721-1807 exiled to Connecticut.
  • Francois LeBlanc 1712-1790 and Marguerite Boudrot 1698- after 1767 exiled to Massachusetts.
  • Francois LeBlanc 1712-1790 and Isabelle Dugas 1721-1807 exiled to Massachusetts.
  • Joseph LeBlanc 1741-1812 and Marie Madeleine Dugas 1732-1790 exiled to Massachusetts.
  • Louis Lord 1722-1781 and Luce Josephe Fontaine 1734-1805 exiled to Connecticut.
  • Madeleine Melanson the widow of Charles Belliveau, born about 1677, escaped on The Pembroke.
  • Charles Melanson 1675-1757 widower of Anne Bourg, died in Quebec.
  • Charles Melanson (~1701- ?) may have died before, during or in exile in Connecticut with his spouse Anne Granger (1705- after 1763) She was exiled to Connecticut.
  • Amable Melanson 1744-1826 exiled to Connecticut.
  • Prudent Robichaud born 1669, widower of Henrietta Pettipas, escaped on The Pembroke, died along the St John’s River near present day Fredericton, New Brunswick. 
  • Prudent Robichaud, widower of Marie Francoise Bourgeois. Disposition Unknown.
  • Dominque Robichaud 1723-1791 and Marguerite Forest-Troye 1725-1795 exiled to Connecticut.
  • Marie Madeleine Bourgeois 1704-1770, widow of Pierre Robichaud exiled to Massachusetts.

These ancestors were born in exile:
  • Jean Amireault 1756-1845 born in Connecticut, married to...
  • Marie Anne Dupuis 1762-1833 born in Massachusetts.
  • Marguerite Jeanson 1760-1817 born in Connecticut.
  • Marguerite Lanoue 1771-1826 born in Connecticut.
  • John Baptiste Lord dit Talaron 1761-1817 born in Connecticut, married to...
  • Luce Robichaud 1764-1847 born in Connecticut.
  • Ludivine Elizabeth Belliveau 1757-1844 born in Massachsetts.

Below is a recap of the stories written about Acadians in this blog so far.  This list includes some early posts that may not have been well researched but I am reviewing them for accuracy and hope they will "make the cut"!

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