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Visiting the Relatives in Greenwich, NY circa 1934

The Wills Family of Cohoes, NY would visit their papa's sister's family in Greenwich, NY
Papa was John Albert Wills Sr and his sister was "Liz" who married Patrick White (born in Vermont) and who had a beautiful home in Greenwich, NY.  I believe the home no longer exists and was on the bend next to the river on the eastern side of town.  In some pictures the railroad bridge that still exists is in the background.
Liz Wills and Patrick White had several children who were born in Pownal, Vermont.  They named one daughter Elestra, after her great grandmother back in St Uny Lelant in Cornwall.  Elestra seemed to prefer to be called Leslie.  She married Louis Donahue, a butcher, and lived in Easton where Louis grew up.  There was  a son named Gorman and another daughter Annie. There may have been more children. Sometime in 1959, my mother took me to Greenwich to visit Annie who married James Floyd Ahern.  They had a liquor store in a building that is now a laundromat on the north side of the main street in Greenwich.
When the Wills family visited, they probably stayed for a few days and seemed to enjoy the opportunity to take lots of pictures, especially of daughters Elizabeth, Dorothy and Etta with spinning wheels and watering cans in the garden.

The home of the Mr. & Mrs. Patrick White, Greenwich, NY in 1934

John Albert Berryman Wills and his sister,
  "Liz" Wills who married Patrick White

Left to Right Back Row:
Elizabeth Wills White (sister of John Albert Berryman Wills), "grandma"? ,
Elizabeth Bissonnette Wills,  Patrick White, Lewis Donahue, Bob.
Left to Right Front Row:
 Elizabeth Wills, Billy Donahue, Lesile White Donahue, Muriel Etta Wills

Dorothy Mae Wills, Etta Wills, Elizabeth Wills
with Billy and Phil.

Elizabeth Wills and Dorthy Mae Wills behind her

Annie White and Elizabeth Wills

Gorman White

Gorman White and Unidentified Child

Etta Wills

Dorothy Mae Wills and her brother
 John Wills in the background

Elestra "Leslie"  White

"Leslie" or Elestra White Donahue with her husband
 Lewis Donahue and son Billy.

Annie White

Annie White and Unidentified Child

Annie White

Dorothy Mae Wills

Lou - Bob - Uncle Pat

Aunt Liz's Home

Billy -Beth_Phil
Beth is Elizabeth Wills,
daughter of
 John Wills & Libby Bissonnette

Phil, Annie White Ahern, Billy

Phil and Billy

Billy, Uncle Pat, Phil

Elizabeth and Etta Wills

Annie White Ahern

Is this across the river from the present day site where the White home once stood?

Is this the same railroad bridge that is in the background of the photo of Etta Wills with the watering can?

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  1. I can't tell you where the house was located, but I can confirm that the steel bridge seen in the background is the same bridge as the other photo of the two bridges.