Friday, October 8, 2010

Tracing the Rivet ancestor who came to Québec

Marie Claire Rivet   1918-2003, Joseph Albert Rivet 1919-2002 and Joseph Raymond Rivet 1922-2007   were the children of  Paul Emile Rivet and Marie Louise LaCasse.

Paul Emile Rivet 1880-1961 was the child of Maxim Rivet and Marie Lord

Baptism Record of Joseph Paul Emile Rivet at St Jacques de L'Achigan, Montclam Comté, Québec

Maxim Rivet 1849 - after 1920  was the child of Alexis Rivet and  Thérèse Désilets:

Baptism Record of Maxim Rivet in Ste-Melanie, Comté of Joliette, Québec

Alexis Rivet 1815-1890  was the son of Alexis Rivet and Marie Catherine Langlois dite Lachapelle

Baptism Record of Alexis Rivet in St Paul de Joliette, Québec

Alexis Rivet 1788-1832 was the son of Alexis Rivet and Agathe Desmarais St Jean

Baptism of Alexis Rivet in Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Repentigny, Québec

Alexis Rivet 1757-1824 was the son of Alexis Rivet and Marguerite Bousquet:

Baptism of Alexis Rivet in Saint Sulpice, Comté L'Assomption,  Québec

Alexis Rivet 1722-1797 was the son of Alexis Rivet and Marie Ann Migneron dite Lajeunesse:

Baptism of Alexis Rivet in Saint Sulpice, Comté L'Assomption,  Québec

Alexis Rivet around 1694-1757 was the son of Maurice Rivet and Marie Madeleine Cusson and the first in this line to be born in Québec.  I cannot locate a handwritten imagee but the Université Montréal's PRDH has this:

PRDH record of Alexis Rivet

Maurice Rivet 1642-1711 was the son of Jacques Rivet and Marie Dieury/Guerie. Born in LaRochelle, France, he made the journey to Québec sometime around 1664.

Maurice Rivest was baptized in this church in LaRochelle, France:

Jacques Rivet about 1613-? , the father of Maurice, lived and died in LaRochelle, France.

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