Sunday, August 24, 2014

We are really all the same...USA

I have a full time job working in the Bronx, New York City usually interacting with people of many different cultures, religions and languages.  My ancestors who migrated from Quebec to New York for jobs and work really do not seem much different than the fathers and mothers I meet everyday at my work.  They are struggling, often working several jobs and want their children to get a good education.

Below are photos I took  at the Tintamarre Acadian Parade held in Madawaska, Maine on 15 August 2014 contrasted with photos of the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City taken by different media. The more I look at the photos, the more they look the same.  We are a nations of immigrants and it is our strength.

Below is a recap of the stories written about Acadians in this blog so far.  This list includes some early posts that may not have been well researched but I am reviewing them for accuracy and hope they will "make the cut"!

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