Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tandem Biking In Québec

In a Rouses Point window - USA side of the border

Summertime is here and I am breaking from strict family history and genealogy to have a little fun. Over the past seven days, I have been bicycling in Québec with an extraordinary group of people who love their tandem cycles and their cycling partners.  Modern tandem cycles look nothing like the picture I posted above!  Instead they are very efficient machines built with the latest technology.  So over the seven days, couples that include a captain and a stoker, rode from 25 to 60 miles a day enjoying the Québec scenery in a way that a car ride could never offer.

The trip was offered by "Gear-To-Go Tandems" out of Saranac Lake, New York.  Capable tour conductors Rich and Lindy were host, hostess, mechanical know how about gears, wheels, chains, derailleurs and brakes, and endless sources of help and information.

In my next several posts I will share some of the great finds of this cycling trip through the homeland of my ancestors in Montérégie and the Richelieu Valley as well as the Eastern Townships, where Loyalists Greek immigrants, Scotsmen and Irish descendants added the perfect flourishes to the trip. 

What a wonderful week with fantastic people, tandem teams, places, houses, gardens, farms animals, churches, and so much more with thanks my tandem captain and.....

Gear-To-Go Tandems

French Canada

Saturday, June 25th through Sunday, July 3rd

Join us for a week long tandem tour in French Canada, with its spectacular people, foods, and traditions. Ride your tandem in Montérégie and the Eastern Townships, south and east of Montréal. Enjoy the cultural and architectural heritage, riding through hamlets and villages considered the most beautiful in Quebec.

This is a fun tour with lots to see and tandem friendly rides. Mostly flat to rolling riding on quiet country roads. Tour old forts, visit an old cidery and ride past apple orchards. Visit a duck farm and an art glass studio. Come on north and enjoy. Bon Voyage!

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