Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Earl and Dogs

I do not have many photos of Earl Wills, my Uncle Larry, but this one is a treasure. He is young and he is handsome.  This may have been taken while he was  in the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) out west during the Great Depression.
Earl Larry Wills
(1920 -1974)
Dogs Unknown

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  1. Yes! I have this photo of my Dad posted on my canine blog in honor of Veterans Day! It can be seen here at: http://fivesibes.blogspot.com/2010/11/veterans-day-time-to-honor-our-soldiers.html
    The love for dogs and animals runs deep in our veins through the generations! My Dad was a great lover of animals. He befriended many a dog during WWII, and we had a menagerie of pets growing up - from 77 baby chicks in house in Queens, to dogs, cats, horses, a bull, parakeets, and cats when we lived in the country! And, it certainly has passed down to me! Love the animals!