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The Marriage of Louis St Hilaire and Eliza Paré on 24 November 1884 in St Patrice de Sherrington, Québec

This is an image of Louis St Hilaire and Eliza Paré with their five children.  The old photograph is from Lea's albums and she wrote below the names of the children: Alfred, Albert, Helen, Arthur, Agnes but it is not certain exactly who is which child.

Below is the church record of the marriage of Louis St Hilaire and Eliza Paré, the grandparents of Arthur Louis St Hilaire (1918-1996) as well as many other grandchildren. According to the 1910 US census, this couple emigrated in 1892, about eight years after this marriage.  One of the stories of Louis St Hilaire and his beloved horse is "embedded" in this post about Cohoes.

TRANSLATION: On November 24 1884, after the publication of one ban of marriage made at the prone of our parochial mass between Louis St-Hilaire residing in this parish, son of age of the late Louis St-Hilaire & Emelie (Nilie) Mongeau of this parish on the one part and Eliza Pare also of this parish minor daughter of the late Zephirin Pare and Mathilde Lessard of this parish of the other part, the dispensation of the other two banns having been granted by the Rev. Mr D.A. Marechal, vicar general, having found no impediment nor opposition to the said marriage and with the consent of the parents of the minor party, we the undersigned pastor of Sherrington received their mutual consent in marriage and gave them the nuptial benediction in the presence Joseph St-Hilaire, brother of the groom, Zephirin Pare brother of the bride, both along with the groom undersigned with me. The bride declared that she was not able to sign. Lecture given.
/s/ Louis St-Hilaire
/s/ Joseph St-Hilaire
/s/ Zephirin  Pare
/s/ Rosalie Lessard
/s/ J. H. Carrieres priest

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