Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 5: those darn roosters!

 Day 5 Lac Brome, Ducks, Mont Echo, & East 
Rides of 12, 19 and 38 miles
With three loops, you can combine rides for morning and afternoon fun. Leave enough time to join the visit to Canard du Lac Brome, where duck is their specialty. A tour and a cooking demonstration is included.  One ride circles Lac Brome, with it's beautiful eastern shore. Another loop circles Mont Echo, with a chance to visit Forge Art and to ride the quiet but hillier terrain south of Knowlton. A longer loop rides east and north, returning along Lac Brome.  Or take a rest day, walking historic Knowlton. Visit Knowlton's historic museum, which includes a fire tower, 1854 schoolhouse, and a WW1 Fokker aircraft!

While Knowlton is all about ducks, I found myself thinking about roosters again. It all started when I spotted the interesting World War I poster, below,  in the Brome County Historical Society Museum.  It is a recruiting poster in French trying soliciting French Canadians to help France overcome Germany. While I was not surprised to note Germany is represented by an eagle, I thought the representation of France as a rooster a little disingenuous, especially after I wrote about roosters last month.  And the rooster looks pretty small compared to that big eagle!

A WWI war trophy brought back to Canada. 

Meanwhile the famous Brome ducks were all about in Lac Brome, behaving politely in the restaurant where we ate that evening:

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