Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 6: Sightings on the Route to Cowansville

Day 6 Knowlton to Cowansville
Rides of 27 or 30 miles

Two routes travel to Cowansville, a lovely older town. The northern route lets you visit a great winery, Domaine les Brome (285, chemin Brome) for tastings. You continue north to Bromont, to let people spend more time in this nice small town. Ride along quiet, winding river roads and cross another wooden covered bridge.  The southern ride travels down valley roads to Sutton (circa 1802), for a midway stop and restaurants. Ride on to Cowansville, with its 14 bridges including another covered bridge! Follow Cowansville walking (biking) tour and enjoy the opulent Victorian style houses. 

Below: Still trying to figure out the meaning of this frequently sighted road sign...B.D. translates it as "Be careful of our or the children, she might be yours."

Note the Rooster over Garage Door

At Valentin's, the best Poutin in Cowansville!

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