Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 1: Lacolle, Hemmingford

Day 1 Tour Description
Around Beautiful Southern Quebec along the Apple Route 
Rides of 24, 34, 41, 46 or 49 miles
We tandem through apple orchards and rich farmland on rolling, quiet roads. Bike past stone farm houses with flared roof lines and rock walls, built by Irish, Scottish, and American Loyalists who settled here. Enjoy the tastes of regionally made cheeses, wines, and foods, from small business through out this ride.
Visit the Ciderie du Minot, to see how cider was made in Breton farms in the 19th century. The family brought their press with them across the Atlantic, building their Ciderie around it. 
See your first inukshuk, stacked rocks in a human form, a tradition of the Inuit people and the 2010 Winter Olympics sign for welcoming friends. Visit Hemmingford's historic village with its nice shops and restaurants. The church of Saint-Jean-Chrysostome is one of the many architectural sights to see this week.

This was our first full day of cycling and it was absolutely stunning! We started out early in the houring - around 7am becasue we wanted to make the once a year only church service at the Odelltown Methodist Church on the south side of Lacolle.

Just a few moments north of the USA border and west from St Bernard de Lacolle, we began seeing stone gardens and inukshuks...

and alpaca farms....with tall fences. Do alpacas jump?

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