Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Wills Brothers: William Robert Wills i.e "Bobby"

Robert Wills was the youngest of all the Wills children and was only 12 when his mother died, 13 when his father died. His older sisters, especially Dorothy, took over caring for Bobby.  I frequently heard the story how, while living with Dorothy in 1938 (approximate year), he fell on the edge of the canal in Cohoes. He was riding a bike, delivering newspapers or as the other story goes, he was just having a good time. His head hit the stonework and opened a wide gash!  Initially, there was no money to pay for a doctor, so the wound was nursed at home. Soon he developed a fever and, in the age before antibiotics, it soon became infected.   Dr. Connally of Lansingburg practiced at Leonard Hospital and accepted Bobby as a patient even though he knew he wouldn't get paid right away and even though Bobby was close to dying from the infection - probably sepsis.  Dr. Connally saved Bobby's life.  In the years afterward, whenever we drove by Dr. Connally's house on 2nd Avenue in "the Burg", we made the sign of the cross and said a prayer for him because he was "so good to Bobby" and "saved his life".  In the 1970s, Dr. Connally was an old man but I saw him sometimes when I walked by his beautiful house. He would be walking in his yard with a cane.  I was fearful of approaching him and never spoke to him. Now I wish I had.  I wonder if he ever had any idea how much Dorothy and Bobby thought of him and held him in such high reverence! His services were completely paid for but it took a long time.

Sister and Brother: Dorothy Mae Wills & Wm. Robert Wills
perhaps at Saratoga Lake 
Bob Wills and wife, Doris Laurent
With his twins
There is so much to write about Bobby, Larry and the other Wills children!.  It will take time and several entries in this blog.  If you think you have a story to share about the Wills brothers and sisters, please forward and share.  Meanwhile, the stories will keep on....

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  1. I am ashamed to say it, but I never knew that Robert wasn't his first name, and he was my grandfather.