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There were six Wills sisters. The oldest was Celena born in 1904 and she was called Lena. Then came Anna in 1906. Julia was born in 1908. Then came a boy (more about he boys later).  Elizabeth was next in 1913; then Dorothy Mae or "Dottie Mae"in 1916. Muriel Etta was the last girl in 1917 and everyone called her Etta.
Their mother was Elizabeth "Libby" Bissonnette and their father was John Albert Wills.  I want to write about each one separately but first, I want to share some pictures of the sisters on any photo to enlarge it.

Here is the best one:
The Wills Sisters

But before they were all grown up, they were children:

Left to Right: Anna, Johnny held by Lena, Julia

John Albert Wills circa 1906 probably with Lena and Anna
Julia on the left, Anna on the right but who is the seated girl? Could it be Lena? 
And here is a photo that looks like it was taken on a farm, beneath the photo is my mother's description of who is in the photo

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