Thursday, August 5, 2010

Camping with Father in the Adirondacks -circa 1915

My mother always told me she went on camping trips with her father, John Albert Wills,  in the Adirondack Mountains when she was a little girl. My mother was born in 1916, so I guess she went on these trips in the 1920s.  John Albert Wills was a photographer and mom said he would take  lots of pictures but she never produced any of these photos for me to see. So I wondered if my mom was dreaming up these camping stories.  But one day Aunt Etta confirmed the story by telling me she remembered camping with her father too.  It made sense...he was born in Essex County in the heart of the Adirondacks and grew up around the iron mines in Moriah and Port Henry.  He probably was very familiar with the area between Elizabethtown and Lake Champlain.  Just a few weeks ago our cousin, Susan, showed me some photographs from her mother Julia...and I could hardly believe my eyes!  There were two photographs of the older Wills girls standing outside a canvas tent in the countryside!  It was true! John Albert Wills liked to take his girls camping in the Adirondacks.  Click on photos to enlarge and enjoy! Thank you Sue!
GONE FISHING: Anna and Julia in front of the tent

John Albert Wills and two of his older daughters camping

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  1. This is pretty neat! Looks like a lot of stuff to carry to go camping