Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wills Brothers: Earl Larry Wills

The last two children of  Libby Bissonnette and John Wills were boys. Larry Wills was the second boy born to John and Libby Wills on March 12th, 1920.

Three Wills Toddlers: Dorothy Mae, Earl Larry and Muriel Etta
Larry is surrounded by his older sisters!

Conclusion: This is Earl Larry Wills

Handsome Young Man

Earl Larry Wills and his wife, Dorothy.

Larry and wife Dorothy

An interesting story

After the war...a growing family.

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  1. Mary Beth - this is such a wonderful tribute to our family! Love the blog! How great it is for me to see photos of my parents here - they made such a beautiful couple! The stories of my Mom and Dad's love story has been passed down from my mom to me to my daughter for years, and to see it on the blog cements that and will be there for future generations to see. I will be sending you my Mom's Rosie story shortly. Thank you for doing the blog and for sharing it with all of the family! Such a wonderful job! I can't wait to show Mom!