Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Lucky 13 aboard the Hudson Dayliner, 1935

In the 1930s, the young ladies who were friends together in The Lucky 13 Club worked in the shirt factories in Cohoes and Troy. The cotton mills were gone and many of the girls were sewing machine operators who did "piecework".  My mother left grammar school when she was twelve years old to work in a shirt factory sewing men's collars onto shirts.  She was paid for each one and if the supervising inspector felt the work did not meet the standards it was discarded and she did not get paid.  Most of the salary went to parents and family. However, the girls kept a little for fashion and some small pleasures like going to the Cohoes movie theater and a few local trips. One such trip was on a Hudson Dayliner, probably from Albany to New York City and back, sometime in 1935 in the company of a few young gentlemen.

SSColumbia Project has shared this film clip on YouTube

Exactly which boat the group boarded is unknown...

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