Friday, March 4, 2011

Modeling in the Grandilly Monument Yard

Across the street from the house the Wills family rented at 7 Saratoga Street, in Cohoes was a monument or stonecutter's yard where the Wills girls liked to take photos of one another. From a 1931 Troy City Directory that includes Cohoes, the identity of the monument company can be was Grandilly Monument Works on the corner of Oneida and Van Rensselaer Streets.  It provided an ideal backdrop for photo shoots.

 The dates of these photos ranged from 1928 to 1934....among the pallets and stones, the girls posed for pictures.



Betty and Dottie

Dottie, Jake Benoit and Anna

Julia Wills

Betty, Anna, Dottie

Dottie, Julia, Betty

Today there aren't too many buildings left in this area and it seems abandoned of all the activities that once made it a busy location..

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