Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Lucky 13 Club, Cohoes, NY, circa 1933

Do you know someone who was one of the "Lucky Thirteen"?

What was "The Lucky Thirteen Club" in Cohoes circa 1933?  It was thirteen teenage girlfriends who shared ups and downs, triumphs and failures, happiness and heartbreak and some local adventures during  "The Great Depression".   Mom always talked about them and she even had some newspaper clippings because they would even make news on the social page!   I do not know the full names but here they are ...If alive today they would be in their late nineties!

Elizabeth Wills
Etta Wills
Dorothy Wills
Claire Rivet
Flo Charlebois
Rita Ouimet
Nellie or Nettie
Eva Bouleris
Ida Gaynor
9 of 13

11 of 13

6 of 13

5 of 13

6 of 13

6 of 13

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