Monday, January 16, 2017

A little LaCasse family history for Rivets and Yettos

Ages ago, I posted about the LaCasse sisters, Marie Louise Lacasse and her sister, Marie Anne Lacasse.  I also wrote about their parents in Northside, Waterford, NY.  Recently, I was able to find a french language obituary for the mother of Didace LaCasse in L'Etoile du Nord, through the Bibliotheque et Archives nationale du Quebec.

Here is the mother of Didace Lacasse. Her name was Lucie Desautels Lapointe
Birth 31 October 1811 in St Jacques de l'Achiagn, Province of Quebec
Death 22 October 1896 in Holyoke Massachusetts, USA

This is believed to be her photo portrait...a widow's portrait taken near the end of her life.

Here is her obituary posted in the newspaper "back home" in Joliette, Quebec.

Lucie Desautels lapointe was the daughter of Charles Desautels and Marie Desanges Prudhomme and baptized in St Jacques de l'Achigan

Luce married Ephrem LaCasse, who was baptized in the same church

Luce and Ephreme married in 1829 in the same church

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