Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Rivet-Rivest-Rivé Families of Repentigny, Québec - PART 4

During the Fête au Petit Village, the Rivest-Rivet family genealogy Kiosk was a big hit.  Many Rivets stopped by to find out more about the ancestors including some from USA!

Inside the tent we finally met third cousin, Mr. Constant Rivest, the guru of Rivet-Rivest genealogy

Two great-great grandsons of Alexis Rivet and Marie Thérèse Désilets:
Ray Rivet from New York State and Constant Rivest from Québec

Some of the displays

The village mayor of Repentigny stopped by to greet the Rivets-Rivests in the kiosk and graciously let us take a picture with her.
The mayor, Ms. Chantal Deschamps is the lovely lady with the red scarf!

 Sunday morning, a Catholic mass was celebrated by Bishop André Rivest in the Church of St Paul the Hermit.

After the mass, all the Rivets and Rivests swarmed out of the church and into the bright morning light...

Finally, a tree was planted in honor of the Rivest-Rivet Ancestors and the growing clan

Everyone had an opportunity to get a picture with the Rivet Family Tree

Thank you to all the volunteers, Connie, Lisotte, Guylaine (and many more)  in Repentigny who were so kind, who translated many of the historical plaques and commentaries for us, who helped us to get tickets and generally smiled though we couldn't understand the French! Merci beaucoup!
A special thank you to Mr. Constant Rivet, third cousin, who wrote to tell us about the celebration in time for us to make our plans and attend La Fête au Petit Village and the Rivet-Rivest celebration!

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