Sunday, July 3, 2016

Montmorillon, France

I haven't been posting often, have I? FrancoAmericanGravy is still here with many unfinished posts that may never get published on this site because they are getting harder to write - they are getting deeper and more personal.  For a change of pace, I am remembering a trip to Montmorillon, Vienne, France in spring 2009. This commune is a bibliophile's true respite.
We spent a day strolling in Montmorillon through its streets and bookshops.  I recall wondering if any of my ancestors may have hailed from Montmorillon.  Eventually I discovered a couple, ancestors of Arthur Mylott, who were both born in Montmorillon.  I don't have any documentation yet but my pictures of this town with strange trees, terracotta roofs, winding streets, colorful window boxes and books are so interesting and fun, I am posting here anyway.

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