Friday, May 30, 2014

1) Researching the Life of a British Loyalist: Abner Wolcott in Focus,

Back in November 2010 I wrote about the line of British Loyalists in the paternal family of Arthur Mylott. The family name Mylott is an Anglicized form of Milot.  The name is from Nicolas Damien Milot dit Champagne a soldier in the French and Indian War who hailed from Villiers-le-Sec, France. Nicolas Milot had twelve children with his wife Marie Josephte Guyon.  Al of the children were baptised in Vercheres, Quebec and sadly, only six lived to adulthood. Their eighth child, Marie Joseph Milot married Catherine Wolcott, the daughter of Abner Wolcott and Catherine Griffin in Saint Sulpice, Quebec.

Abner Wolcott (spelled Robine Wilcotte in the image above) and the father of Catherine Griffin, Charles Griffin, were both British loyalists during the American Revolution.

In his lifetime, Abner left a trail of documentation from Connecticut, Vermont, Quebec and finally New York and all are tasty morsels of information for a family historian.  One Wolcott family researcher was Roger Wolcott of Quebec (1946-2012), another descendant  of Abner Wolcott and Catherine Griffin through their son Solomon Wolcott.

Roger Wolcott 1946-2012

In my next few entries, I hope to share some documentation a relative of Roger Wolcott, has kindly shared with me.  We will follow the trail of  documentation and perhaps discover what is missing to establish his line of ascendancy to the New England Wolcott families.  Ultimately, I hope the next several blog posts will help other Wolcott family members to share research about the life and times of Abner Wolcott as well as his ancestors and descendants.

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