Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cohoes on Ebay!

Here is something quite interesting on EBay today 9/3/2013, especially if you have a genealogical connection to Louisa S. Phillips of Cohoes circa 1911! The starting bid is $14.99.

Louisa S Phillips left a great census trail from Colonie to Watervelit to Troy and is easily researched. Doesn't seem like she married but she did have many siblings, nieces and nephews. Below, she appears in the 1880 census in Watervelit as 35 years old and single:

Years later, she is 85 when the 1930 census comes out and she is living with a nephew who is a farmer in Colonie...

Although I can't claim any connection to Louisa, if descendants of her nieces and nephews check out Ebay they might find a prize OR perhaps they are the currents sellers putting it up for bid!

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