Friday, September 23, 2011

Raymond A Rivet 1922 - 2007

Raymond A Rivet was only eighteen months old when his mother, Marie Louise Lacasse Rivet died.  He was raised, along with his older siblings, by his father's third wife, Malvina Hamel.  He married Rose, the girl his older brother dated but left behind for military service in World War II. While Raymond joined the US Coast Guard, Al joined the army and was deployed to Europe. Raymond began dating Rose, eventually marrying and moving in to the house on 28 Summit Street in Cohoes. Below is their wedding photograph...

Raymond and Rose on their Wedding Day

I never got to know Uncle Ray very well but I know he was a quiet and unassuming person with down to earth taste and a good father to his boys with a steadfastness when times were hard that lasted to the very end of his life.  

Sitting at tables.... a young man, Ray is the young gentleman sitting on the right side , second from the front.  The occasion for the gathering is not known.

 Sitting at older man now, Ray is at his son's wedding

Finally, here is his obituary from the Albany Times Union:


  1. in the wedding picture is that and Claire Rivet on the far right side?

  2. No. The lady on the right side is the bride's oldest sister, Tess. The man on the left side is the husband of Tess.