Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Postcards of the Champlain Canal: Waterford to Whitehall

Following the Champlain Canal through New York State in postcards....scenes from Waterford to Whitehall.

The canal from Lake Champlain to Waterford was officially opened in 1823. When you read the chronology of events of the Champlain canal, it seems repairs, fixes, enlargements, improvements and plugs were started the day it opened and never stopped! The postcards below are not arranged in any chronological order. If theres any order it would be from south to north.  Therefore in some images the canal looks narrow with a towpath.  In other images the canal is wide or doubled spanned. 

Waterford, NY

Waterford Lift Bridge

Waterford Covered Bridge to Lansingburg

to Mechanicville...

Sleepy Mechanicville

to Stillwater...

and Bemis Heights...

to Schuylerville...

through Ft. Edward, Sandy Hill (Hudson Falls) and Fort Ann...

along Wood Creek... notorious for its flooding and damage to the canal

to Whitehall, NY where the waters began to flow north to Québec 


  1. I loved your Whitehall Post Cards. I lived there as a child in the 1940's. The bridges and buildings are imprinted in my memory. My Great Grandfather had a printing business in the village-early 1900's. His son My Grandfather was the Whitehall Times Reporter and local Coroner.

  2. and perhaps you grandfather was the coroner when my great grandfather died in Whitehall! What years did your grandfather work as reporter? and as coroner?
    FA Gravy