Friday, May 13, 2011

Family History Road Shows

Slowly, very slowly, I've been assembling Google Maps for families of this site who may want to take a road tour of towns and villages in Québec, New York, Vermont, and Nova Scotia.
 I've also added towns in France, England and Germany if anyone is planning a big trip.  If these Google maps are set right, you can see the places where our ancestors and family lived, worked, went to school and church, were born, died and buried.  The places in the Old World where our adventurous ancestors left are also included.
I will also try to put a link to the maps on the Family Page.

These maps are not completed; they are works "in progress".  If anyone in the family reading this would like to collaborate and add information, please contact me at and I will add you as a collaborator.

Take a look and send your comments!
FA Gravy

Wills Family History Road Tour

Mylott-Millott Family History Tour

Rivet and Lacasse Family History Tour

Glode-Poissant Family History Tour

Beauvais-Bissonnette-Goekel Family History Tour

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