Sunday, February 13, 2011

7 Saratoga Street, Cohoes, NY

The family of John Albert Wills and Elizabeth Bissonnette were poor. Like many poor families they moved around and around. Married in 1903, they first lived in Cohoes.  With each census they moved to a different place.  Here's the locations in each census:
1910 census in Schuylerville, NY
1920 census on 9 Main Street, Cohoes, NY
1930 census at 7 Saratoga Street, Cohoes, NY

Today there doesn't seem to be a 7 Saratoga Street in Cohoes. At least there isn't a house there and hasn't been in a long time.  In the early 1930s, the house that was there was streetside.  Just to the north was the old bridge to Northside in Waterford. Behind the house was the Mohawk River and the old Champlain canal. While living at this location they took pictures - lots of pictures of children and grandchildren.  There's several images of the old Northside Bridge and the Mohawk River in the background.  Many of the children can be identified, most of the grandchildren too.  At that time, the grandchildren were the infants and toddlers of Celena Wills Cranney - Joan Cranney, Dick Cranney and Kenneth Cranney; Julia Wills Benoit - Doris;  and Anna Wills Benoit - Milton.  Who are the other children?
Streetside: 7 Saratoga St., Cohoes, NY
Etta Wills with a large bow in her hair
Dorothy holding a child
could that be Bobby standing in front of Etta?

Celena Wills Cranney holding Kenneth
Joan Cranney in the checkered dress

Dick Cranney

Elizabeth F. Wills holding niece or nephew
Mohawk River behind them

Joan Cranney in the bonnet with a friend
Elizabeth  Frances Wills

Johnny Wills

Dorothy Mae Wills with ice skates

Etta or Elizabeth Wills

Etta or Elizabeth Wills

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  1. Loved seeing your pictures of 7 Saratoga Street. - My mom lived in that house in 1940