Monday, June 21, 2010

FrancoAmericans in Northside, Waterford, NY

There is an exhibit that opened up for the summer in the Waterford Historical Museum and Cultural Center that takes a look at the French Canadian immigrants who worked in the mills of Cohoes and Waterford and lived in Northside. Dedace LaCasse from St Jacques de L'Achigan, Quebec brought his family to Northside family settled down in Northside in 1898.   By 1882, Napoleon Bova (Beauvais) was operating in his tavern called "Corkeys" on Clifton Street, Northside.
People who lived in Cohoes considered Northside a part of Cohoes.  People who lived in Waterford, considered Northside part of Waterford.  Take some time and visit the exhibit this is worth some of your leisure time!

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