Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Acadians in the Rivet Family!!!

The Rivet Family is full of Acadians!  This is going to take some time to put together because Claire, Al and Raymond were half  Québecois and half Acadian.  Both of their grandmothers were Acadian; both their grandfathers were Québecois.

Paul Emile Rivet's parents were:
Maxime Rivet (Québecois) and Marie Lord or Laurie (Acadian)

Marie Louise LaCasse's parents were:
Dédace LaCasse (Québecois) and Marie Louise Mireault or Amireault (Acadian)

So until I find the time to organize and write it all, sit back and enjoy Acadian Driftwood composed and sung by THE BAND in 1976.  The visuals try to relate the lyrics to the historical events about the expulsion.

Here's the line up of stories about the Acadians in our families on this blog

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