Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kurt Jackson's paintings of St Uny Lelant

As an American who doesn't keep up with the art world and who hasn't been in Briton in over fifteen years and never  - yet - to Cornwall, I have been blissfully unaware of Kurt Jackson and his work.  Discovering some of his paintings through the internet has opened my eyes to the thoughtful images I could hardly imagine....
I suppose I cannot show you the images because of copyright, so I will direct you to his official website and hope the link works for years on end ( I do not expect to be checking my blog for broken links after I start living in the nursing home!).
Kurt Jackson Paintings

Jackson is an environmentalist and has some interesting videos like Bass.   A few years ago Kurt Jackson painted a series called St. Michael's Way celebrating an ancient route early Christians and perhaps pagans worshipers walked on pilgrimage. The route began at St Unys Lelant and ended at St. Micheal's Mount, the beautiful abbey in the tidal sea.  The paintings were gathered on a webpage St Michael's Way that explains the history but unfortunately, the images are no longer available. There was a watercolor of the inside of the church of St Unys Lelant.  Here is the thumbnail:
and the thumbnails of the outside of the church.  I think the watercolors were for sale and perhaps now that they are all sold, they are no longer on the web.

If you are reading this post, take some time to browse the images that are still there to see on his website.

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